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// Upstairs // Gelsenkirchen, Nordstern, Germany – (c) Nidal Sadeq, 2012

// Upstairs // Gelsenkirchen, Nordstern, Germany – (C) Nidal Sadeq, 2012

On that day I was at the cole mine Nordstern on discovery tour. Actually my objective was to capture the industrial beauty of the site. I did a lot of shots but deleted all afterwards, except this photo, which is everything, but not „industrial“…it was a pure coincidence seeing this guy with his kid walking upstairs against a massive concrete wall…I positioned myself accordingly and tried to capture the entire scenery. A lucky shot showing an absurd struggle of legs and wheels against concrete.

An diesem Tag war ich unterwegs in der Zeche Nordstern bei Tageslicht, am Abend sollte hier noch ein Programm folgen zur „Extraschicht“, eine tolle, jährliche Veranstaltung zur Industriekultur, an welcher das gesamte Ruhrgebiet teilnimmt. Von all den Fotos blieb nur dieser Glücksschuss hängen, das Beine und Räder zeigt im Kampf gegen einen massiven Beton-Block. Ich habe mich schnell niedergekniet und eine Perspektive gewählt bei entsprechender Blendeneinstellung, um die Wirkung der gewaltigen Betonmasse zu verstärken. Der Kopf des Vaters ist bewusst nicht abgebildet. Dass nun die kleine Hand des Kindes, eine Trinkflasche haltend, herausbaumelt, hat mir besondere Freude am Motiv beschert.

// Wheel // Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt – (c) Nidal Sadeq, 2012


// Wheel // Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt – (c) Nidal Sadeq, 2012

I spent some vacation days in Berlin visiting old friends and colleagues; during my walk through the city I saw this unreal scenery of some disabled people waiting for something and at the same time lot of traffic by pedastrians and bicycle riders around them…and this remarkable texture of small stones. I tried different angles and a lot of shots and kept patient until I got this shot done; the blurry outcome is intended, guess why…

Photo is shot with my Canon 5D MK II

// Mobile Home // (c) Nidal Sadeq, 2012

Discovered in Cologne under a bridge. I was having a business meeting and on my way to the inner city I made this discovery. I showed this Pic to others and I was always asked the same question – is this mobile home belonging to anybody ? I have no idea! Just saw a punk leaving the site before arriving…

// Concentration Vol.2 // Berlin, taz newspaper publishing house

Visited a friend on that day in Berlin Mitte, I got permission to do some snapshots in this inspiring office environment, where people have to think, debate and write aricles all day and night long.

// Break // Berlin, Friedrichshain – (c) Nidal Sadeq, 2012

Captured in front of the Universal Music building where I visited some of my former colleagues. Thos two ladies had a break and were contemplating.

Captured in front of the Universal Music building where I visited some of my former colleagues. Those two ladies were having a break and  contemplating.